The first model in our Reference line of components, the new mc 331 is a 3-way, 4 ohm floor standing speaker consisting of two stacked enclosure cabinets- woofer and midrange/high end. This separation provides complete stability in the low-end range, while insuring clear and undistorted sound in the upper range that maintains absolute fidelity to the music’s original sound field. The two woofers in the mc 331 are equipped with very stiff 200mm (8”) cone drivers with aluminum membranes, permitting extremely quick and highly precise response to bass impulses. Because there are two woofers, the effective driver area is doubled, achieving bass reproduction that is very fast, powerful and deep. As a result, the mc 331 produces a tight, highly-extended, stress-free bottom end that practically lives in the room. Our custom made, 170mm midrange driver is constructed from a Kevlar membrane, renowned for its light weight and exceptional rigidity, producing an extremely precise and fast response. Compression effects due to the sound components radiated backwards by the driver are avoided by the unique construction, allowing the finest musical nuances to be reproduced in a dynamic and accurate manner in the critical midrange. The employment of the Kevlar membrane material allows MC to use this driver up to the optimal crossover frequency for the tweeter.

Our 28mm dome tweeter, unique in its characteristics and mechanical construction, reproduces the high frequency range above 2,500 Hz, far from its low-end cutoff. This extraordinary transducer is capable of being operated across a frequency range of 450 Hz to 27 kHz with a linearity of +/- 0.5 db! This is made possible due to a superior construction that avoids compression under the dome and that employs a large copper-plated area of the magnet, absorbing driver-generated heat, and eliminating the need for Ferro fluid as a cooling medium The moving coil can now respond to the most minute current impulses and respond immediately into movement. Our crossover is a totally new design, using only the finest components, including air core coil inductors and metal oxide resistors. The crossover for the mid/high frequencies is housed separately in an open chamber on the back of the upper cabinet, avoiding distortion due to interaction of sound pressure and cabinet resonance. Bi-wire speaker cable terminals also insure the best performance due to further elimination of signal interference. For a music lover it is a must to hear this speaker – we are sure you will be impressed.