The Elegance Line was borne with the highest standard amongst the MC product range. As a result, MC has meticulously taken special care in all of its design criteria from product cosmetics, functionality, PCB layout, and components to craftsmanship.

The mc 611 is one of the most extraordinary reference preamplifier in the market. To carry on MC’s amplifier successes as such our awarded models 601 and 701. (Continue Three Years Editor Choice Award and Golden Ear Award) MC development team continue to develop a double quality new model for our reference line. The lowest distortion @0.0003% with vitality sound you never heard!

“A Proven Sound Technology” that enabled MC to go to the next level with many good reviews and awards achieved recently. We continue to dedicate our advanced design and our experience to the quest of the best possible sound reproduction.We maintained the key features of our in-house unique design such as the technology for signal transmission, fully shielded circuits, special materials and selected components for amplifier technology.



Our engineer based on our best sounding circuit to expand the amplifier section to treble power stages. It could maintain our good sounding without any electrical supply change. It is also the benefit for the whole design and also the most difficult part for Amplifier Company to make such high end amplifier section. With our unique resonance trap construction and sub compartment to avoid any coloration of the sound from external excitations.

However, we overcome this challenge and made thing into real! A new reference which a “benchmarking” high end preamplifier will be in place.